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A selection of feedback 

Female, 37, October 2020


I have achieved more than what I expected to achieve from counselling.   It is really amazing to see the power of therapy, I am really grateful I have been having counselling with you. Many things have changed for me through these 2 years.  I have learnt many things about myself: I feel much more aware, in control, and capable of sensing how I feel, so I can engage with others.  Thanks to you I feel wiser about myself today than 2 years ago and I feel I have the tools to move forward.  I feel I have discovered a way of letting escape bad memories, unwanted thoughts, unwanted things that occur… and this has proven is a good way to balance how I feel. I have learnt lots with you, I feel more empowered to live in a better way.  I am very grateful I started counselling with you, I just wished I had done it long time ago!

Client, 23,  June 2020

I really appreciate starting counselling with such a positive beginning with you.  I have been able to get a better personal understanding as well as healthier ways to respond to distressing situations and memories of traumatic times.   Talking about troubling experiences and thoughts as well as your responses in the sessions helped give both a starting point to unravel things that were previously hard to reach and brought into new, often more understanding/reasonable perspectives through the comments/thoughts you raised.


 Client, 39, October 2019


My life has changed in so many ways since I first began on this counselling journey, all of which have been positive changes.  I was fully supported by you through the trickier times on this journey and equipped with the skills to move forward independently.  I feel much more capable as an individual.  My outlook has changed and my self esteem has flourished as a consequence.  I now dare to, and feel excited about looking toward the future.  You supported me through a very vulnerable time and I know that you really cared.  Your genuine empathy and compassion enabled me to put my trust in you to open up about some very dark times, without your warm hearted manner I'm not sure this would have been possible.


Male, 35, October 2019

Thank you for being there in a professional capacity for me.  I honestly believe our sessions have stopped me from unwittingly following the same destructive path I was on in my previous relationships.  I now have a wonderful family, clearer goals and a much more peaceful spirit.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

 Female, 49, June 2019

Thank you for your professional and caring approach. I do not know what I would have done without you over these last 14 months.  You gave me a safe space to say things I couldn't say to anyone else - or sometimes even to myself.  You really heard me and asked questions that helped me look at things from a different perspective.  You encouraged and helped me to see how I was being affected by things and see what I needed to cope and to look after my mental health.  

Client, 48, May 2019

I now feel stronger, more in control, less of a victim.  You got me to think about things I hadn't thought of and realise what is important in life.  I feel I am better able to analyse my thoughts and feelings and therefore rationalise and put them into perspective.  

Female, 35, November 2018

Polly immediately put me at ease in the first session and throughout, and made me feel the themes I wanted to discuss were valid.  Speaking to Polly and being assured of her confidentiality and discretion was in itself therapeutic.  We discussed a range of concerns and I feel each has been beneficial to speak about openly.  I would most definitely, without hesitation, contact Polly again in future should the need arise.

Client, 21, July 2018

I wanted to learn to cope with how I felt and why I felt that way.  And I can't believe the progress I've made with your guidance - I find it unbelievable at times.  The first session really put my mind at rest and made me feel safer and hope for a better future.  You have met all my needs and more, and I sleep better at night knowing there are people like you in the world.

Female, 58, November 2017

I began my first session with some trepidation as I was unused to talking about myself.  However, I left that session feeling that I had made contact with someone who would listen in a way that was very supportive and unjudgemental.  I achieved something unexpected from therapy.  I have a greater awareness of how my past, and my reactions to the restrictions of my past has shaped the person I am now.  I feel a greater sense of acceptance and peace with events, both past and present.  I would have no hesitation to contact you again and would recommend you to others.  

Male, 35, September 2017

For anybody who feels like they are struggling with their mental health or having difficulties in their life, I would recommend contacting Polly as she has a unique skill set to help you manage, overcome and move forward with the challenges you are currently experiencing in your life.  

My story is proof of that!  When I first contacted Polly life felt uncomfortable and horrendously difficult.  I was dealing with a recent bereavement, having trouble moving on from a past relationship and suffering with anxiety.  I was trying to deal with all of this whilst completing the final year of my University degree.  

I always thought sitting in a room with a random stranger talking about your problems would be weird.  However, this was never the case with Polly.  Her caring, friendly, professional and non-judgemental approach helped build a strong relationship in which I felt comfortable and safe talking about my issues.  Without this I believe progress would have been difficult.

Thanks to Polly's dedication and hard work (and some of my own) she has helped me to move though my difficulties and given me the confidence and belief to tackle whatever life has to throw at me.  


Female, 21,  February 2017

After my first session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was excited to return and I felt like I had a place to go where I could say anything and not be judged.  

I feel I have now gained skills and knowledge which will help me through the tough times in life and I understand my thoughts and feelings now and how to manage my anxiety.  My entire outlook on life and view of myself have changed. 


I can honestly say every session I went away feeling a little lighter and happier within myself and life.  You have helped me so much and I can not thank you and recommend your services enough.  

Female, 53, May 2016

I have learnt a lot about myself through my counselling.  The grief is ongoing and always will be but I now use a healthy unbitter outlook.  Many years of self-blame, bitterness, jealousy and anger have now been allowed to melt away and I feel like myself.  

Counselling has given me the time and space to have courage to admit things that have happened to me in early life.  To speak about my feelings and emotions and to speak honestly to Polly about the person I had become because of those experiences.  Counselling has helped to to understand that it is okay to be at ease and voice my feelings out loud.  It has made me realise that I spent many years pretending I was okay, when I wasn't.  

I could never have imagined counselling could be so beneficial.  I have been able to go right back to my childhood and everything that had been buried.  I have faced it and talked about it and laid it all to rest in my heart and soul.  

Male, 48, May 2015

I am a middle aged man approaching my 50s and when it was suggested that I might need counselling I was worried about the 'stigma' attached to this.  I had a very disciplined and successful Army career and I thought that because i could not deal with all my issues that it was a weakness in me.  I now know the weakness was delaying that first step across the threshold to start my counselling.  

My 20 weeks of counselling went in a blink of an eye.  It is 20 weeks of my life that I will never forget, it has been hard work and at times very emotional, but each week had an impact on me internally.  Not every session made me feel great, in fact some weeks I left the session more frustrated, however I soon realised it is what I do with that frustration that really matters and this is where the counselling really helped; it gave me the inner strength to analyse and explore these frustrations and to take the positives from them.  

Polly was a great help in allowing me to explore myself and come to solutions from within.  I have been able to speak openly and freely without judgement and to analyse aspects of my life I had kept hidden for so long.  

Counselling has given me a fresh outlook on life; it has given me the tools and strength to no longer live in the past but to use my experiences from my past to shape my future.  I know my time in the Army shaped me into the person they needed me to be and I will always be grateful for this but counselling has now given me the strength and confidence to become the person I want to be and this I will never underestimate.  

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