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Fertility and Conception


Neonatal Illness
Antenatal Screening
Multiple Births
Birth Trauma
Fear of giving birth

Supporting Emotional Health

in Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

In addition to offering a general Counselling service I have a special interest in offering Talking Therapy on all issues to do with fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. This can be such an important time of transition and research confirms that seeking professional support can have considerable impact.  


Experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood are unique to each individual, whether it is you or your partner who has given birth.  I aim  to work respectfully with you, supporting you to explore your unique situation and to help you manage your feelings and gain a new perspective.

Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood change our lives.  This can lead to the best of times, but also some of the most challenging.  Often the images we are presented with in the world around us can conflict with our own individual experience, or our own expectations of how we think we should feel.  The impact of hormonal changes, as well as very significant physical changes can affect our sense of who we are.  There can feel a stigma around talking about some of these issues, but for those experiencing distressing, confusing, numb or overwhelming feelings, this experience is very real. 






Pregnancy, birth and caring for a baby can be, at times, wonderful, but can also be anxiety-provoking, repetitive or isolating.  Most of us, experience a range of emotions as we adjust to our changing circumstances and our changing identity.  It can be helpful to take time to talk through your feelings and thoughts with someone who is not part of your day to day life.  I will encourage you to explore your experience to deepen understanding so that together we can find ways of making these feelings and thoughts more manageable.

“You have supported me extremely well and given me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts about my situation and the trials and tribulations it creates.”

Ante-natal Depression
Post-natal Depression
Attachment & Bonding
Adjusting to life after birth
Returning to work

Trying to conceive and feeling like everyone around you is pregnant?

Pregnant and feeling unsure?

Delighted to be pregnant but feeling anxious or low?

Finding it difficult coping with your changing body?

Scared of giving birth?

Scared of supporting your partner through birth?

Scared of how you will cope when your baby is born?

Experienced loss in pregnancy or birth?

Experienced a difficult birth, or supported your partner through a difficult birth?

Baby blues still there weeks, or months after the birth?

Finding it difficult to cope adjusting to life after birth?

Worried about the impact of a baby on your family dynamics?

Relationships changing? With your partner, with family, with friends?

Want to explore your new identity as a parent?


These are some of the experiences I can offer you support with, and many more besides.





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